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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Ruby Red by Linzi Glass

The Front Cover
Ruby Red is a book set in 1970's Johannesburg (South Africa) where segregation is at a high level. Ruby is a rich white girl who goes to a private, English speaking school. However, her mother and father are members of the ANC (African National Congress) which supports rights for blacks. Ruby is never allowed friends home and is used to underground meetings taking place at her house. Ruby's mother runs a controversial art gallery which shows black artist's work. 
When Ruby meets her new mothers prodigy, Julian and an Afrikaans boy, Johann, her life changes forever.

I really enjoyed this book, it was well written and I didn't get bored. I also found the history in the book interesting and I think it was portrayed very well. I might have enjoyed this book more than others as I have strong ties to South Africa. But I still think this book is well worth reading!

Recommended Age: 12-15

Rating: 7/10

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